the album for the road

the story

For the road is the second album by Tom Rose after a break of more than 25 years, the result of a renewed collaboration with Frank Herbort, which began in October 2018. By mid-2020, several dozen songs had been written, twelve of which were produced for the album. The entire production is influenced by modern country, but can not deny rock and pop elements.

The songs on the album are about places to go, places to get away from, and the journeys in between. The thematic bracket is formed by Here is home and For the road, the first and the last song of the album, which describe both letting go, ways, obstacles, ups, downs and arriving. The rest of the songs on the album are also about resets, new starts, the new and change.

The 12 guitar-heavy tracks with an acoustic heart were arranged and produced by Frank Herbort. Characterized by deep friendship and congruent basic ideas, a retrospective, respectful work has been created, with partly thoughtful, partly melancholic but always forward-looking songs.


All songs written by Tom Rose/Frank Herbort, all lyrics by Tom Rose.
All songs arranged and produced by Frank Herbort, Co-produced by Tom Rose.


Oliver Bruder: keyboards
Frank Herbort: acoustic, electric, lapsteel guitars, additional keyboards & bass, programming, backing vocals
Arndt Immekeppel: bass guitar
Tom Rose: vocals, backing vocals
Markus Schillings: drums, backing vocals


Nelly Herbort: backing vocals on „Seagulls on the starboard side“.
Anette Müller-Alpers: backing vocals on „Everything changes“.